Get Rid Of Toe Nail Fungus The Natural Way

If you have highly smelly feet and the colour of your nails has changed to different one either very white, yellow or very dark on the verge of falling of then you have most likely caught some form of toe nail fungus. This is not a nice condition to be suffering from, especially if summer is coming up cause who wants to walk around in sandal or even bare feet if the feet are looking disgusting and smelling like a mixture of old cheese and fermented fish. Luckily there are plenty of toenail fungus treatment options both medical and natural solutions.

One of the most efficient of the purely natural treatment solution is to use either Tea tree oil or orange oil mixed with one part household vinegar and one part cleaning alcohol. Generously apply this mixture to the fungus infected areas of your toenails. The mixture of these ingredients will make it possible for you to remove dead, fungus infected tissue leaving behind only the uninfected tissue for the new nail to grow out of. Besides this treatment, it is highly advised to minimise the use of socks and shoes. Confining your feet in socks and shoes is a real bacteria and fungal booster the pH value inside the socks will get extremely high and this environment is the perfect living conditions for many different kind of toenail fungus. The best combination of natural treatments are the use of the above mentioned mixture and then plenty of good fresh air that will allow your feet to breate and help them grow healthy strong tissue and nails. I hope you will succeed cause really, who wants to spend a hot summer day with his or her feet confined in a pair of warm socks and shoes when it is possible to be walking in airy sandal or even bare feet?

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